18 July 2013


I have long been interested in genealogy. It is probably because my father is also into it. He is really the better genealogist of the two of us. But, I do love hearing the stories of my ancestors and finding missing people and even connecting with the odd 5th cousin twice removed. I always assumed I'd simply take over the work once he got too old and that would be it. But, I have found myself itching to do stuff now (why wait!). And this is where my husband enters the picture.

My husband loves his heritage, but doesn't know much about his family history. He is an Indian from the Fiji Islands. His family immigrated from India to Fiji a few generations back (one grandfather, and 3 sets of great-grandparents). The last time we visited family in Fiji I made him gather as much family history info as possible from living relatives. He even got me photographs of 2 of his grandparents birth certificates.

So, with my dad researching my family, I have decided to research my husbands. I am hoping that writing down my goals and putting things out there for all to see I may get more done (it is motivation for me). Here I will figure out how to order and view microfilm from Fiji, find ship records of their immigrations, and eventually I hope to find records in India (which is harder than it seems). Who knows we may even find living relatives in India.

snapshot of a portrait of Shyam Lal (grandfather) as a young man


  1. What a great blog! Welcome to Geneabloggers and the Geneablogging community. I like the way you've set out your family tree and your Resources page is a great idea.

  2. Welcome to the geneabloggers family. Your blog is so organized and interesting. Look forward to reading on your family.

  3. Welcome to the Geneabloggers Family. Here you will find the most friendliest understanding people. Look forward to knowing more about your heritage. thank you for sharing

  4. I am so excited that you have this blog! I am super into genealogy, and am trying to get Krishn interested. I think he gave up when he realized there was such limited info out there - but thanks to this blog, I think we have a couple more places to look! I really think that the resources are out there, so thanks for paving the way for us...we will be walking the same path.

    I'm excited to follow your blog - and will definitely be emailing you questions and stuff.

    Thanks again!